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Tara Molloy

Electubop - Wearable MIDI Controller

Using the study of modern technology and computer programming, I have created a suit that uses the movement of body to create music. This suit was inspired by the MiMu gloves that is a musical interface glove that creates sounds or manipulates sounds from instruments. I used this as inspiration to create a new instrument that depicts a physical meaning to the popular phrase “dance to your own beat”.

Using sensors and acousmatic sounds, I programmed the flex sensors to trigger sounds that have been edited and set to specific sensors so the performer can accustom the dance and sounds to what they want to express in the moment. The sounds are mapped using Ableton Live and are set from low tones to high tones, starting from the knees to the finger tips.

The sensors that were chosen for this exhibition piece were flex sensors and conductive fabric. The flex sensors are light bendable sensors and the conductive fabric is material that is lightly covered in metal and can conduct electrical current. The flex sensors trigger elongated tones and settings (e.g. volume, freezing, etc.) while the conductive fabric triggers rhythmic patterns.

I chose this project as there’s nothing like it in the music industry or market and it’s a stepping stone to a new instrument that could be useful, not only to people with musical knowledge but to beginners or people with no music theory. Hopefully, with further research and production, this suit can be developed further to help people with disabilities.

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