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Patrick Dunne

Rhythm Game - Generative Music Engine

My project is a rhythm game that I built using the Unity video game engine and the Audiokinetic Wwise audio engine.


Upon starting the game, the player is presented with a simple black-and-white interface. On the left side of the screen, key prompts continuously scroll downwards, and the player is tasked with hitting the corresponding keyboard key as the prompt passes through the scoring zone in order to gain points. Pressing these keys at any time causes musical notes to play, and these are chosen randomly by the Wwise audio engine from a pre-determined pool of notes. This affords the player a certain degree of expression while playing the game. A player can choose to only play the notes as directed, create their own random melody, or a mixture of the two.


On the right side of the screen, a target spawns in a new random position every second. If the player can hit the target, they’ll increase the target score. Doing so causes the musical state to change, introducing or removing certain instruments or switching to a different section of the piece entirely. Target score has no impact on the final score, so players can comfortably stay within certain states for as long as they please.


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