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Michael Erlis

Turning Tides - Four Track Pop EP

The “Turning Tides” EP is a 14-minute Pop-styled EP that has lyrics based on past negative experiences, overcoming negative influences and desire. This collection of four tracks will take the listener through a journey of 4 different pop genres. From High- tempo EDM to Mid-tempo vintage pop, with each track having a different lyrical meaning.

The intro song “Would You Come Back?” is a high-tempo vintage track, with its production being heavily inspired from artists such as “Charlie Puth” and “The Kid Laroi”. The lyrics in this track focus on past relationships and longing for them to return. Overall, this song is about heartbreak and reconciliation.


The second track titled “Keep Your Negativity” is a house/pop styled track that takes influence from artists “Dua Lipa”, and “Kylie Minogue”. With its heavy drums, chords and bass, this song was intentionally created to be played in a club. The lyrics of this track focus on overcoming negative influences and ignoring judgement coming from other people. The lyrics are supposed to convey the message of independence and strength.

The third song “Freaky” is a track that takes production influences from funk and soul. This track has a fun, and energetic atmosphere with flirtatious lyrics that are supposed to make listeners embrace their “wild side”.

The fourth and final track of this EP titled “Love Never Changes”, is a high-tempo, emotionally driven EDM track. The lyrics convey a fear of falling in love again because it always ends up the same, hence the title. This is a track that was created from a more emotional side based on my experiences of uncertainty, failure, and losing hope from a love/relationship standpoint.

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