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Jasmine Tucker

Forest - Electroacoustic Composition

I have made three electroacoustic/ atmospheric pieces. I made these pieces by collecting sounds with a Zoom recorder and a homemade contact microphone.

Some of these recordings include; rain, running water, trees and birds. I edited all my recordings through Pro Tools, Cubase and Audacity. Some of the editing includes; EQ, delay, reverb, time stretching, and pitch shifting. Each piece is approximately three minutes to four minutes long. The name of the three pieces are; Forest Entry, Forest Dark Waters and Forest Melody. Some musical inspirations include;” Chill wave Drone Ambient- Deeply Relaxing Background” and “Into an Enchanted Forest Magical Celtic Music”

Forest Entry: Upon entering the forest it is seen as dark and dangerous, I did this by making dark sounds, such as the dark drone sound from a flute, and whispering. The whispering is to give the illusion of unknown creatures within the forest, letting the listener know they are not the only ones in the forest. It gets hectic as the voices are more frequent and there are more dark and creepy sounds. These calm down after a bang and the introduction trees.

Forest Dark Waters: Continues as a dark creepy piece. This piece is more focused on the sound and atmosphere on water. The idea is that sirens are luring the listener into water. I have running water throughout the piece along with and eerie ring made from a crystal glass. There is humming and singing with a lot of delay which represents the sirens. The crunching of leaves and breathing is giving the illusion that the listener is nearing closer to the water, enchanted by the sound of the sirens. There is a screeching sound which represents the sirens showing their true selves along with the sound of someone falling into water. The rest of the piece gives the illusion of someone struggling and drowning in the water.

Forest Melody: Is peaceful and calm unlike the first two. This is to represent that the listener is safe and protected. I added midi instruments to this piece to make it calming and come across as being in a happy enchanted forest. There is a running stream, birds, and a fire crackling for the atmospheric aspect of the piece.

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