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Finn Byrne

Balding - Six track EP

ep cover.jpg

My Ep is a six song rock ep called “Balding”. It’s supposed to sound like a band of friends, having fun recording their EP, most of all its supposed to sound fun.  It takes inspiration Pixies, The White Stripes, Ween, delivering fast catchy songs about falling out of love and owning a house. There’s a mixture of acoustic guitar and electric guitar songs on the EP but they are certainly all “guitar songs”.


There is very little fat on any of these songs with the longest song coming in at 2 minutes and 50 seconds, which includes some post-song studio banter in the track. The entire EP runtime is a swift 13 minutes and 2 seconds. The EP can be described as an amalgamation of Punk, Rock, Pop, Grunge and Lo-Fi. 

The lyrical content covers love and romance, ambition, struggling with one’s sexuality, financial independence and debt.

The production takes inspiration from Steve Albini and Ween, The instruments are loud and the vocals almost always double tracked and often highly processed.

I played almost every instrument on the EP and wrote or co-wrote every part played on the album.


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