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Eoin Finneran

Rogha - Game Sound Design

This is a rpg style game built using the Game Maker studio engine. It consists of three levels, a main game, a Demo and a Sandbox for testing.

The gameplay revolves around collecting the babies in the level while maintaining resources such as food and water along with your health. There are also enemies present, who aim to harm and inconvenience, thieves taking resources and soldiers physically attacking.

Aesthetically, the game is pixelated, such as many ’90s-era games the game is set in a rural area in the late 20th Century. There is a blend of modern and traditional sounds, of technology and rural life intertwining, leaning more so to the traditional. From this most of the sound is themed in this way where possible, for example, the background music is natural instrumentation, such as drums and vocals, with a synthesizer alongside as the hint of technology.

Given the game's setting, most of the audio is ambiance as items are somewhat spaced out, such as trees and buildings, so they become dominant in the audio. Forrest, markets, and residential areas are separated and slightly sparse. The ambient sounds are broken by NPC (non-player character) dialogue and item pick-ups

Field recordings were made for ambiance, such as trees, plants, and white noise as a fill. Sounds such as item pickups were made using foley techniques. All audio was processed in Ableton 11.


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