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Daniel Killick

The Four Seasons - Audio Visual Composition

I created and produced a soundscape video using narration, images, and sounds to illustrate the various weather conditions within the four seasons of the year. Through this soundscape video, I demonstrated my creativity, abilities, photography, and editing skills. In its creation, many other skills were required in using the different techniques required in its implementation, so it was very resourceful with self-learning.

The idea behind the soundscape is to create awareness of our current climate. It carries a very important message about the impact we are all having on our world. I reinforced this message in the final monologue, so the viewers gain a better understanding of what I want to achieve. I want my soundscape to be an example so that in the future if they have changed beyond recognition, it can be viewed to remind people what we once had, nature at its best.

My video has a runtime of fourteen minutes and twenty-five seconds. Each season runs for three minutes, the intro for twenty-five seconds, the outro for forty-five seconds, and the chapter slides for each season for ten seconds. The opening and ending of my video show the TUS logo for five seconds each. The seasons have nine different sounds at twenty seconds each, and the music in the slides is played from piano keys. The final monologue after the summer season runs for thirty-five seconds.

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