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Alan Hand

Techno in Motion - AV Installation

For my capstone project, I have developed an audio-visual installation that tracks the motion of my body and in turn, controls some different audio loops inside Ableton. The motion of my body can affect various things such as notes, pitch, and velocity. I have done this using an Xbox Kinect camera that uses skeletal tracking to track my body.

The skeletal tracking is picked up by TouchDesigner and sent to Ableton. I have used TDA (a program within Touchdesigner) that allows me to connect the Touchdesigner file straight to Ableton. I coded the whole system myself and got some inspiration from other projects along the way.


My motivation for this project comes from my love of techno, I also found the 4/4 kick the easiest to apply notes and effects to. ’Techno with motion’ has 6 different instruments controlled by each ligament depending on the coordinates of the X and Y axis. This music is made with a visual aid that creates colorful ovals to the center left and right of the screen that illuminates when I move both of my hands affecting the hi-hat, kick and clap.


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