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Aaron Murphy

MORTALA - Audio-Visual Composition

A snippet of a collection of works to explore and create an atmospheric audio-visual experience that feels raw, visceral but thought-provoking.

When audio-visual works started to garner popularity a lot of what was created were things that evoke joy. I felt I had yet to see an audio-visual piece that combined both the darker, moodier side of music with the immersivity of visuals.

The first piece is a welcoming; a trance like piece to be the calm before the storm. The discomforting elements then begin to show up to slowly envelop the audience, all the way until the second composition when the intensity is at full swing.

This is created using a combination of TouchDesigner, Ableton Live and an array of VSTs that were at my disposal. I learned TouchDesigner from scratch to curate the reactive visuals that complimented my audio compositions; in time creating a symbiosis as the music influenced the visuals, the visuals began to influence my writing process.

This art piece is a moment and a part of myself sonically captured in time.

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